My name is Eliana and I am finally 20 years old, I love to read, dance, adventures, and playing sports or more specifically soccer. I want to travel all around the U.S. when I grow older and have money because the history of the U.S. fascinates me but I do not want to get a degree in History. I want to become a Sexologist and right now I am heading towards Psychology and it excites me to study different sexual orients people tend to have. That was when I have a husband I can experiment all the time with him on how improve someones sex lives! Hopefully I will move to Seattle once I am married and settled with my doctorates. Can't wait to get crazy and experience LIFE!

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Anonymous said: I always feel not good enough for someone to have sex with me because I think I look weird naked. Stretch marks, uneven tan and especially my vagina because it's not shaved to perfection to nothing like so many I see. What can I do? I always feel so low about it :(


you’re beautiful and you don’t even know it

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My Funny Pictures #NewPost [15]
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yess my whole life yo
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if you’re a good kisser, you prolly got some good pussy too

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Beautiful Berg by Callum Snape
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